Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Art in Maine!

The one thing that you see a lot of in the Blue Hill, Stonington area is art studios. Lots of painters and pottery but I avoided most of the galleries since they are a bit pricey. Then there are the places that sell pieces that are slapped together to sell to the tourists, not what I would buy.

There is one place that is a must stop, if you are in the area. It is called Nervous Nellies Jams and Jellies. I knew they had art done by Peter Beerit, but I didn't realize how extensive the art and displays were, until we arrived. Peter came to Deer Island to start a jelly business and little by little, he has been creating sculptures from found items and building towns based on his travels.

The minute you come in, you are greeted by this lovely couple for a cup of tea.

Bill and Bean are spending time in the jail for smiling too much.

The sheriff is relaxing in his office, unaware of what is going on outside.

Unbeknownst to the sheriff, a jailbreak is in progress.

There are characters in every building and the surrounding areas. This guy is just chilling.

The piano Player....

Bill is getting his fortune told.

After a stop to get some jelly and maple syrup, we found an entire scene of characters, including a castle.

And back to Peter's studio, where a group of characters, were swapping the local gossip, on his porch.

It is a wonderful place to visit and Peter's art is sure to put a smile on your face. He is continually adding to his towns and characters, and there is much more than I have shown here, and more to come. He also has living characters, who visit the bird feeders, that is builds. This little guy was enjoying his perch, waiting for us to leave, so he could raid the bird feeder.

I hoped you enjoyed seeing a bit of Nervous Nellies with me. More to come this week, places we visited, our adventures and misadventures.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Anniversary Camping!

Well, we made it back, the week seemed to go by too quickly, but it is nice being at home and having my modern conveniences again. I went tired, spent the week tiring myself out and been going non stop since we got home, so I am tired, lol.

Since we did a lot and I have lots of photos, I will be doing more blogs this week of our adventures. Today I will give you the low down on the camp. First we had a beautiful spot on the water with wonderful views. The bad thing was, it was so foggy the first few days that we couldn't enjoy the views and the fog was so thick, it was like rain and we were cold and everything was wet.

Of course Bean had no problem with that, the minute we got there and he saw the beach, he was ready to go, he loved playing and exploring. Another wonderful thing about Old Quarry is, he is a dog lover and Bean could go off leash anywhere he wanted, as long as he behaved. Of course Bean was thrilled to have the freedom and meet lots of new people and their dogs.

If you would like to see a video of our camp and the surrounding area, you can go to my YouTube Video. I have others, but need to put them up.

We had come here because it is a kayaking center, and there are islands all around to explore.  I was not sure I could handle a long paddle and the fog was not something I wanted to get lost in. But, lots of others were going out and enjoying the area, I do wish I had longer since I was feeling better by the end of the week.

The fog did lift and one morning we were up to see the lobster men, putting in their pots.

On our anniversary we had dinner on the dock and a wonderful view, as well as lobster fresh from the ocean.

And with the fog ending, we got to enjoy a beautiful sunset from the docks. Even with the fog, we were able to get out for walks and exploring, further inland. We also got to do a few things that we missed on previous trips, as well as find some fun new places, so I hope you will come back and follow along, as I post more this week.

I really enjoyed camping at Old Quarry, but it would be better in warmer weather, which is why they are always booked. The other down side was, the owner just had lung surgery and our camp fire goes straight to his bedroom, so no fires after 9pm. That is when we like to relax and just sit by the fire and with the cooler air, I really missed having one. It just wasn't worth having one while it was light out and then have to put it out. The other bad thing was, everything is far away, so we spent more time traveling than I would have liked. I hope everyone had a wonderful week!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend Wanderings!

Another weekend of shopping so we only got out one day, but it was the perfect day to get out for a walk at the light house. We usually go off season and when we got there, the parking lot was full and people were parked on the grass, but we lucked out and found a good spot.

One of the reasons it was so crowded was, we came just as the couple was saying, I do! The guests drove and the wedding party came in a trolley, what a fun way to travel and a beautiful place to say your vows. Though they had an audience of picnickers, as well.

We walked around the lighthouse and went down to the other side to enjoy the views of Newport and the sailboats. Bill decided to take a rest while I walked around and took shots.

The tide was going out, so it was the perfect opportunity to explore further down the coast. We usually stop at the end of the walk and come around, this time we scrambled along the cliffs. With the low tide, we could walk through the crevasse in the rocks.

I thought we could come up eventually, but then we came upon the end and there was no way I could get across that. It was a beautiful gorge and it was mesmerizing, watching the water come in and out.

Looking back, you can see how far away the lighthouse is, my short walk turned into a hike and scramble over a rocky landscape, but it was fun exploring a new area.

On the way home, we stopped to enjoy the Ospreys, I guess he bought dinner home, she was enjoying a fish he had bought to her. We may be leaving a day early. I know I cannot handle a full day drive, so we will leave in the afternoon on Friday and stop midway, that way we can enjoy the ride. Hopefully we will have wifi and I will post from camp.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday Almost Finished!

This week I have been catching up with the house and preparing for our trip. I am one of those who hates coming home to a mess, so I am doing what I can now and getting things packed in the trailer, as well as organizing to make better use of the spaces and cabinets. Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can sit outside, I hate being cooped up.

I finished my stitchery but I still have to make the mini quilt for the line and a border and I am not in the mood to think right now, lol. So, it will wait, maybe i can finish it this week, but I have one week to cook and pack and I am limited with my diet, so I want to make sure I have foods prepared ahead. Of course we will eat out, lobster is abundant in Maine;)

On this piece I wanted to use color since it is a summer piece and I wanted a happy piece to hang.

I also have nothing to work on and like I said, I have enough to think about, so I have no desire to do too much prep work and another stitchery seemed the perfect thing to make, to keep my hands busy this week. This is another pattern from Kathy Schmitz, I was thinking I might make it into a large pillow with a border, a nice gift idea.

I was going through old photos and came across some from our first kayaking trip to Maine. We stayed at a camp that was on a point, so we had water access and as you can see, a beautiful place to put in.

But, this is also where we learned, pay attention to tidal flats. This was also a tidal flat and when we came back that day, this is what we ran into. We had no way of getting in, so had to go around to the point and still wade through mud to get back in, then Bill had to lug the kayaks up a steep flight of stairs on the cliff, to get the boats up, not fun. The camp we are staying at is for kayakers, a direct ocean launch so we can always get back. The bad thing is, we may not be able to get to some areas with the mud, but I think I have found some great places to explore without paddling too many miles.

I hope you all have a good weekend. It looks like we are going to get a heat wave, so time to hit the beaches.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Weekend Wanderings!

This weekend we had decent weather, so we got out when we could, before the rains came. Saturday I  got some art supplies for our trip and hit every store that carries hiking boots and none in my size. One place was trying to sell me a size 8, on my feet they looked like clown boots, lol. So, I will just bear with mine for now, they are slightly tight from shrinkage but usable and maybe we can find some up north.

Sunday we had Nick, mom and dad needed to get things done and Nick needed some fun outdoor time. We decided to take him to the Fantastic Umbrella Factory, not even sure if they sell any umbrellas, lol. We got to enjoy the chickens who were out running around that day.

This chick was in the cages, I guess she is a prize hen. I finally got a clear shot with the new zoom through the wire. Love the pattern and tufted head.

Nick enjoyed seeing the Emu's and wanted to go into the bamboo forest. A fun place to explore for a little guy.

Strange rock cropping found here;)

He decided to get a stick, to ward off monsters, then he and grandpa had a sword fight.

Coming back we came though the gardens and found these unique sculptures.

This one was for sale, not sure who wants a piece with bird doo on it, lol.

We stayed out of the main stores, Nick is a bit too hands on, and on occasion, known to pocket items he likes, lol. We took him to the store that sells fun items and candy. He got a sugar daddy and a pretty shell.

The next stop was Ninigret Park, an easier walk for Nick and small beach areas. With the clouds looking ominous, I decided this was a good place for walking and some beach time. Checking out the views on the pond.

Digging for steamers, this a popular place for digging since the waters are low in a lot of areas. He was raking up clams and the life saver is to hold the bucket of clams.

Exploring the beach,  while enjoying his sugar daddy. The wild roses were in bloom all around the area.

Coming back I could tell he was tired, so grandpa gave him a ride. It was a fun day and we got to enjoy some time with Alex when we took him home. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday Finish!

This week went by, way too quick, two weeks to go and I still have a lot to do. One thing I did do was, finish my little painting. I messed it up since I couldn't follow the video very well, it kept stalling out on me, so I watched bits and pieces and did my own thing where I had to.

I also used products I had, so the crackle medium I had wasn't right for this technique, so I will have to find the right brand. This one is small, so hard to really watch a video with big strokes and emulate it into a small version, and I just slapped the papers on, so not as neatly done as the larger one. I will have to find a better store for patterned paper, most of the ones I used where too plain and didn't show through. But, I am happy with it anyways, it was fun to do and I will be able to do the larger one and practice with the video this time, so it might take more tries, and I learned a lot about techniques and things I would like to do to expand on it, with my own designs.

I found this old frame and I like how the white makes her pop more. The angel is from the class, Angelic Strokes by Teresa Kogut.

I also worked on my stitchery, getting near the end, but I still have to make the little quilt in the middle and a border, this will be a quilted wall  hanging. A pattern I bought with my winnings, from Kathy Schmitz.

And I traced on the design for the piece, The Greatest Joy by Kathy Schmitz. I am glad my son got me the larger light pad, I needed it and still had to do it in two halves. This will be for our trip, something I can work on at the camp, since it is one color, so less supplies to carry.

I had a hard time with the bottom halves, for some reason they did not line up, so I had to trace and then move things around, hopefully it is straight. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We have on and off rain but it will be nice to get out for some adventures and take a break from thinking.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Holiday Weekend!

This weekend was nice for a few days and rain today, but we had plans to stay home, so we got out for some rides and a little outdoor hiking.

One place we love is Trustom Pond, a sanctuary so no dogs allowed. I was excited to try my new camera there, with the zoom. That is, until I realized I left the zoom at home, ugh. We enjoyed the walk though and the wildlife and got a nice 3 mile hike in.

The views are always beautiful from the first point and deck. Looking into the cove, a pair of swans.

An old windmill from the farm is still standing.

The rains bring more water to the streams and everything is so green and lush.

Sunday was shopping first, and we got some tin tiles to do the kitchen backsplash, hopefully Bill can get them on without messing it up too much, lol. We came back and got Bean and went to the lighthouse for a walk around the circle. Of course most of the time was spent stopping to let people pet Bean, but we got to enjoy some time on a beach and enjoy the views.

A couple were fishing, as a sailboat came by.

Today we had a little party for Nick. His birthday was yesterday, four years old. Alex was born on the same day, so his birthday was at Ivy's mothers and when she comes back tomorrow, they will have a big party for them.

Nick loves presents and we got him something small but fun and he loved it.

Of course the buddies had fun blowing and catching bubbles.

He wanted a puppy patrol cake and at walmart they do special cakes, it sure looks pretty but according to the guys, it is horrid, way too sweet and the frosting was a bit thick and rubbery. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Now it is time for me to get some things finished, get ready for our trip and build up my strength so I can do more paddling.